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This Song Can Never Be Loud Enough When Listening To It – He was still crushing it at 71

“Rockin’ in the Free World” is a song by the Canadian-American musician Neil Young. It was released on his 1989 album “Freedom” and later as a single. The song has since become one of Neil Young’s most well-known and enduring tracks.

“Rockin’ in the Free World” is a rock anthem with a socially and politically charged message. The lyrics touch on various issues of the time, including poverty, homelessness, and political unrest. The song’s chorus features the memorable line “Keep on rockin’ in the free world,” which has become an anthem of sorts for those advocating for social change and political reform.

The song features a powerful and gritty guitar riff and Neil Young’s distinctive vocal style. It captures the energy and spirit of rock and roll while also addressing serious societal concerns.

“Rockin’ in the Free World” received critical acclaim and has been covered by numerous artists. It’s often performed by Neil Young in concert and is considered a classic in his catalog. The song’s message continues to resonate, making it relevant in various social and political contexts.

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