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That Person Who Choose This Song To Be In Ironman Should Have A Special Place In Heaven

AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill (Iron Man 2 Version)” is a notable rendition of their classic hit “Shoot to Thrill,” originally released on their 1980 album *Back in Black*. This version was produced to align with the blockbuster film *Iron Man 2*, bringing a fresh energy to the song through both its visual and auditory elements.

Song Background

“Shoot to Thrill” is a high-energy rock anthem featuring AC/DC’s signature sound characterized by powerful guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and commanding vocals. Written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Brian Johnson, the song showcases the band’s ability to craft music that is both electrifying and timeless. The track originally appeared on *Back in Black*, an album that marked a significant comeback for the band following the death of their previous lead singer, Bon Scott.

Iron Man 2 Version

For the *Iron Man 2* soundtrack, the song was re-released with a new music video that intersperses footage of the band performing live with scenes from the movie. This rendition helped introduce AC/DC to a new generation of fans while complementing the film’s high-octane action sequences. The video was published on YouTube on April 26, 2010, coinciding with the movie’s promotional activities.

Live Concert Footage

The live footage used in the “Iron Man 2” music video was filmed during a concert at Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 2009. These performances were later compiled into the “Live at River Plate” DVD, released in 2011. The choice of this footage highlights the band’s energetic stage presence and their ability to engage large audiences, which has been a hallmark of their live shows.

Band Members


ls, Cliff Williams on bass guitar, and Phil Rudd on drums. This classic lineup is considered one of the most iconic in rock history, contributing to the band’s enduring legacy.

Brian Johnson: Vocalist Profile

Brian Johnson, who joined AC/DC in 1980, brought a distinctive vocal style that perfectly complemented the band’s hard-rocking sound. Born on October 5, 1947, in Dunston, England, Johnson had previously fronted the band Geordie before replacing Bon Scott. His powerful, gravelly voice became a defining element of AC/DC’s music, particularly on albums like *Back in Black* and *For Those About to Rock We Salute You*.

AC/DC’s Impact

AC/DC has had a profound influence on the rock music landscape. Known for their straightforward rock and roll approach, the band has consistently delivered hit albums and memorable live performances. Their music, often described as a blend of hard rock and blues, has resonated with fans worldwide, earning them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Cultural Significance

The inclusion of “Shoot to Thrill” in *Iron Man 2* is a testament to AC/DC’s cultural impact. The song’s high-energy vibe perfectly aligns with the film’s themes of heroism and adventure, making it an ideal choice for the soundtrack. This synergy between music and film has helped cement AC/DC’s songs as anthems that transcend generations.


With over 200 million records sold worldwide, AC/DC remains one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Their commitment to their sound and their ability to deliver powerful performances has ensured their place in music history. “Shoot to Thrill,” both in its original form and as part of the *Iron Man 2* soundtrack, continues to be celebrated by fans old and new.


The “Iron Man 2 Version” of “Shoot to Thrill” is a fitting tribute to AC/DC’s legacy, showcasing their enduring appeal and their ability to adapt their classic sound to modern contexts. By blending cinematic action with live concert energy, this version of the song encapsulates the spirit of both the band and the film, creating a memorable experience for listeners and viewers alike.

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