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Rod Stewart’s Heartache in “(I Know) I’m Losing You”

“I Know I’m Losing You” is a song by British rock singer Rod Stewart. It was originally released as a track on his 1970 album “Gasoline Alley.” The song was later covered by the rock band Rare Earth and became one of their signature hits.

Rod Stewart’s version of “I Know I’m Losing You” is characterized by its bluesy and soulful sound, featuring Stewart’s distinctive raspy vocals and the bluesy guitar work of Ron Wood, who was a member of the Faces at the time and later joined the Rolling Stones. The lyrics of the song express a sense of regret and resignation as the singer acknowledges the impending end of a romantic relationship.

Rare Earth’s cover of the song, released in 1970, is notable for its extended jam section and its incorporation of rock and funk elements. The band’s version of “I Know I’m Losing You” became a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is often associated with their dynamic live performances.

Both versions of the song are celebrated for their musicality and the emotional depth brought by the respective artists. Rod Stewart’s rendition is regarded as a classic example of his early solo work, while Rare Earth’s version showcases their fusion of rock and funk influences.

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