As A Kid, I Waited Hours To Record This From The Radio With My Tape Recorder. Worth Every Second!

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group is a groundbreaking instrumental track that became a significant hit in 1973. Composed by Edgar Winter, the song is renowned for its innovative use of various instruments and complex structure. The track was part of their 1972 album “They Only Come Out at Night” and was produced by Rick Derringer. Initially, the song was an extended jam session piece titled “The Double Drum Solo,” showcasing Winter’s multi-instrumental talents. It was edited extensively to fit the single format, which led to its nickname “Frankenstein” due to the numerous cuts and edits it underwent to piece together the final version.

The song features Edgar Winter’s impressive skills on the synthesizer, saxophone, and drums. Winter’s performance on “Frankenstein” is particularly notable for his use of a strap-on keyboard, which was a precursor to the modern keytar. This innovative approach to live performance added to the song’s uniqueness and appeal. The synthesizer work on “Frankenstein” was pioneering for its time, contributing to the song’s distinctive sound and its place in rock history.

Released as a B-side to “Hangin’ Around,” “Frankenstein” quickly gained popularity among radio DJs and listeners, eventually reversing its role to become the A-side. The single topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 1973, marking a major commercial success for the band. The song’s success also helped propel the album to achieve gold and later double platinum status, staying on the charts for an impressive 80 weeks.

The Edgar Winter Group, featuring Dan Hartman on bass, Ronnie Montrose on guitar, and Chuck Ruff on drums, was known for its dynamic and versatile performances. The band’s ability to blend rock, jazz, and experimental elements is exemplified in “Frankenstein.” This track not only showcased Edgar Winter’s versatility as a musician but also highlighted the band’s cohesive and innovative sound.

The song’s title, “Frankenstein,” was inspired by drummer Chuck Ruff due to the track’s assembly process, akin to stitching together different parts like the famous monster. This title aptly reflects the song’s eclectic nature and the band’s creative process. The instrumental’s complex arrangement and energetic performance continue to captivate audiences, making it a staple in rock music history.

“Frankenstein” has been featured in various media over the years, including television performances and soundtracks, further cementing its status as a classic rock instrumental. Edgar Winter’s prowess as a multi-instrumentalist and the band’s innovative approach to music have left a lasting legacy. The song remains a testament to their creativity and the enduring appeal of their music.

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