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Steven Tyler’s Voice Shines in Emotional “Dream On” With Southern California Children’s Chorus

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s performance of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” with the Southern California Children’s Chorus is a deeply moving tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This rendition is particularly noteworthy for its emotional depth and unique arrangement. The performance was filmed in a grand church, creating a haunting and reverent atmosphere. Tyler’s piano and Perry’s guitar were the sole instruments, providing a stark and eerie soundscape that was significantly different from the original rock version. Tyler’s sorrowful vocals and Perry’s moody guitar effects contributed to a compelling dirge, while the children’s chorus provided flawless backing vocals, enhancing the emotional impact of the song.

The performance was released as part of a tribute to honor the victims of the 2013 bombing, with the arrangement capturing the resilience and strength of the Boston community. The video includes poignant images of the bombing victims in happier times, adding to the emotional weight of the tribute. This heartfelt rendition resonated deeply with audiences, and the video went viral, amassing over 52 million views on YouTube.

Aerosmith, formed in Boston in 1970, has a deep connection to the city, making this tribute particularly meaningful. The band was on their way to an Australian tour when they heard about the bombing. Despite the emotional toll, they continued with their tour, showcasing their professionalism and dedication. Perry mentioned the difficulty of leaving for the tour, as his children were near the bombing site when it occurred, adding a personal layer to the band’s performance.

“Dream On” has always been a significant song for Aerosmith, being their first major hit and a staple of their live performances. Released in 1973, it became a massive radio hit in Boston and remains the band’s most streamed track on Spotify. The song’s enduring popularity and powerful lyrics made it an ideal choice for this tribute, capturing the spirit of perseverance and hope.

Steven Tyler expressed his honor in performing this version of “Dream On” with the Southern California Children’s Chorus, calling it a beautiful moment and a true gift. The performance was not only a tribute to the victims but also a celebration of the strength and resilience of the Boston community, making it a memorable and touching homage.

Overall, the collaboration between Aerosmith and the Southern California Children’s Chorus created a performance that was both hauntingly beautiful and emotionally powerful, resonating with viewers worldwide and standing as a testament to the enduring power of music in times of tragedy.

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