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This version of Perfect Strangers is awesome. Don Airey just nailed it!

The event “Celebrating Jon Lord: The Rock Legend” was an illustrious tribute held at the Royal Albert Hall on April 4, 2014, to honor the memory of Jon Lord, the iconic keyboardist of Deep Purple. This special concert marked the 45th anniversary of Lord’s groundbreaking “Concerto for Group and Orchestra,” which had also premiered at the same venue in 1969.

Organized by Ian Paice’s wife, Jacky, the concert featured a rich assortment of musical talents, including Deep Purple members and notable figures like Rick Wakeman, Bruce Dickinson, and Glenn Hughes. The event was split into two sets: the first focused on classical adaptations of Lord’s works performed by a full symphony orchestra and the second a rock-oriented showcase culminating in a performance by Deep Purple.

The concert was a celebration of Jon Lord’s musical legacy, spanning his classical compositions and rock tracks. Deep Purple performed several of their hits, including “Perfect Strangers,” capturing the essence of Lord’s contributions to rock and classical music. The performance of “Perfect Strangers” featured the band’s characteristic hard rock style blended with orchestral elements, highlighting the fusion of genres that Lord had pioneered.

The tribute was recorded and later released across multiple formats, including DVD, Blu-ray, and CD, allowing fans worldwide to experience the powerful homage to Lord’s influential career and music. The release included performances of various tracks that showcased Lord’s versatile musical style, from rock to classical compositions.

This event not only served as a profound remembrance of Jon Lord’s contributions to music but also as a demonstration of his lasting impact on the musicians and fans he inspired. The Royal Albert Hall, completely sold out for the occasion, proved a fitting venue for celebrating the monumental legacy of a true musical innovator.

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