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Bachman & Turner’s Legendary ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’

“Takin’ Care of Business” is a classic rock song by the Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO). It was released in 1973 as part of their album “Bachman-Turner Overdrive II.” The song is known for its upbeat and anthemic sound, catchy melody, and positive message.

Lyrically, “Takin’ Care of Business” conveys a message of self-reliance and determination. The lyrics encourage listeners to work hard, be proactive, and take control of their lives and careers. The chorus, with its memorable refrain “Takin’ care of business, every day,” serves as a mantra for personal and professional success.

Musically, the song features a driving rhythm, infectious guitar riffs, and tight harmonies, characteristic of BTO’s sound. The band’s energetic performance and Randy Bachman’s guitar work add to the song’s lively and feel-good atmosphere.

“Takin’ Care of Business” was a commercial success for BTO and has since become one of their most iconic tracks. It remains a favorite among fans and a classic rock radio staple. The song’s positive and motivational message has resonated with audiences over the years, making it a timeless anthem of hard work and determination in the world of rock music.

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