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ELP Serenades with “Still You Turn Me On”

“Still… You Turn Me On” is a progressive rock ballad by the British supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). The song appears on their critically acclaimed 1973 album “Brain Salad Surgery.” ELP was known for pushing the boundaries of rock music, and this song is a notable departure from their more complex and grandiose compositions.

The song was written and sung by the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Greg Lake. In contrast to some of ELP’s more elaborate compositions, “Still… You Turn Me On” is a relatively simple and intimate love song. The lyrics express a sense of yearning and romantic longing, with Lake’s emotive vocals at the forefront.

Musically, the song features Lake’s acoustic guitar work and delicate vocal delivery, creating an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere. The song also includes subtle keyboard and percussion elements, contributing to its overall charm. The arrangement highlights the song’s emotional depth and Lake’s ability to convey powerful sentiments through his singing.

“Still… You Turn Me On” stands as a unique and emotionally resonant track in ELP’s catalog. While the band was known for their progressive rock epics, this song showcases their versatility and their ability to create a more intimate and introspective piece. It remains a cherished part of ELP’s legacy and is appreciated for its simplicity and beauty in the context of their more complex compositions.

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