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Bad Company’s Rock Solid Performance of ‘Rock Steady’

“Rock Steady” is a song by the British rock band Bad Company. It was released as a track on their 1974 self-titled debut album, “Bad Company.” The song is known for its bluesy and hard rock sound, characteristic of the band’s style.

“Rock Steady” features the powerful vocals of Paul Rodgers, the band’s lead singer, and the dynamic guitar work of Mick Ralphs. The song’s lyrics reflect a sense of determination and resilience, with lines like “Rock steady, I’m rough on the edge / It won’t be easy” conveying a message of strength and perseverance.

While “Rock Steady” wasn’t released as a single, it became a fan favorite and a staple of Bad Company’s live performances. The band’s self-titled debut album, which included the song, was a commercial success and established Bad Company as a prominent rock band of the 1970s.

Bad Company, formed in 1973, featured members who were previously part of other well-known bands, including Paul Rodgers (formerly of Free) and Simon Kirke (formerly of Free and later of Free). Their bluesy and hard-hitting rock sound made them a popular act in the classic rock era, and songs like “Rock Steady” contributed to their reputation as a formidable rock band.

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