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“Rock N Roll Train” Live: AC/DC’s Unforgettable River Plate Concert

AC/DC’s “Rock N Roll Train” live performance at River Plate in December 2009 is a legendary moment in rock history. The concert was part of the Black Ice World Tour and marked the band’s return to Argentina after a 13-year absence. The energy in Buenos Aires was palpable as nearly 200,000 fans attended the three sold-out shows. This performance was later immortalized in the live album “Live at River Plate,” which features 19 tracks showcasing a mix of classics and newer songs from their 2008 album “Black Ice.”

The setlist included timeless hits like “Back in Black,” “Thunderstruck,” and “Highway to Hell,” as well as the explosive “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).” AC/DC’s ability to deliver consistent, high-energy performances without deviating from their signature sound has been a cornerstone of their enduring appeal. Despite the band’s members being in their late fifties and early sixties at the time, their on-stage vitality was undiminished, with Angus Young’s animated guitar antics and Brian Johnson’s gravelly vocals captivating the audience.

Recorded over three nights, the album captures the raw power and straightforward rock ‘n’ roll that AC/DC is known for. Critics noted that while the setlist was predictable, it was also a testament to the band’s steadfast commitment to their style. The recording also featured the return of drummer Phil Rudd, whose solid performance was a highlight for long-time fans.

The “Live at River Plate” album and its accompanying DVD/Blu-Ray release are celebrated not just for the music but for capturing the electric atmosphere of the crowd. The Argentinean fans’ frenzied energy added a unique dimension to the recording, making it a standout live album in AC/DC’s discography. This performance remains a favorite among fans, demonstrating why AC/DC continues to be a powerhouse in the rock music world.

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