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David Bowie Rocks Glastonbury with “Let’s Dance”

“Let’s Dance” is a song by the British musician David Bowie. It was released as the title track of his 1983 album “Let’s Dance.” The song is one of Bowie’s most commercially successful and iconic tracks, known for its upbeat and danceable sound.

Lyrically, “Let’s Dance” is a romantic song that encourages the listener to let go and enjoy the moment. The lyrics convey a sense of celebration and joy, with lines like “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.” The song’s chorus, with its catchy refrain of “Let’s dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues,” became instantly recognizable and contributed to the song’s popularity.

Musically, “Let’s Dance” features a fusion of rock, pop, and funk influences, with a prominent guitar riff and a rhythm that encourages dancing. The song also incorporates elements of world music, particularly in the guitar work by Stevie Ray Vaughan, who played on the track.

“Let’s Dance” was a major commercial success for David Bowie, becoming one of his signature songs and earning him a broader audience. The accompanying music video, directed by David Mallet, also gained widespread attention and became an MTV staple during the early days of the music video channel. The song remains a classic in Bowie’s discography and is celebrated for its infectious energy and danceable groove.

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