An 11-year-old took the stage to perform an Elvis classic and remarkably sounded just like the King himself

Angelina Jordan’s rendition of “It’s Now or Never” at the “Allsang på Grensen” event in 2017 is a remarkable example of her vocal prowess and ability to connect with classic songs. “Allsang på Grensen” is a popular Norwegian live music television show where audiences participate in the singing, and Angelina’s performance stood out as a highlight of the season.

“It’s Now or Never” is a song made famous by Elvis Presley, and it holds a significant place in the realm of classic American music. Composed by Eduardo di Capua and adapted by Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold, the song was inspired by the Italian standard “O Sole Mio.” Elvis’s version became a milestone in his career, known for its blend of pop and traditional Italian melody, which was a massive hit in the early 1960s.

When Angelina Jordan took on this classic, she was only eleven years old, yet her delivery was astonishingly mature. Her performance was characterized by a nuanced understanding of the song’s emotional depth. Her voice, rich and soulful, managed to capture the passionate urgency of the lyrics, which is impressive considering her young age.

Angelina’s interpretation brought a fresh new life to the song while respecting its original spirit. This balance between originality and homage is challenging to achieve, especially in live performances where there is little room for error. Her confidence and stage presence during the performance made it clear that she is a skilled performer capable of handling the pressures of live music.

Her performance at “Allsang på Grensen” was well-received by both the audience and music critics, who praised her ability to connect with music from a different era. This ability is a hallmark of Angelina’s style, as she often explores and reinvents classic tunes, making them accessible to a new generation of listeners.

Angelina Jordan, born in 2006 in Oslo, Norway, first gained international attention when she won “Norway’s Got Talent” at the age of eight, singing classic jazz standards like “Gloomy Sunday” and “Fly Me to the Moon.” Her unique vocal style and interpretative depth have set her apart in the music world. Angelina’s choice of songs often gravitates towards jazz and classic hits, showcasing her sophisticated musical tastes and her ability to infuse old songs with a new level of emotional depth.

Following her early success, Angelina has continued to develop her career with numerous performances across various platforms, including television shows and live concerts. She has been featured in several music festivals and has a growing international fan base. Her ability to handle complex songs at a young age has led many to regard her as a prodigious talent in the music industry.

Angelina Jordan’s performance of “It’s Now or Never” at “Allsang på Grensen” in 2017 exemplifies her skill as a vocalist and her special affinity for music that transcends generations. It remains a memorable moment in her early career, showcasing her potential to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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